Nills is a cloud architect at Microsoft who has spent the last 6 years working with cloud computing. With a lot of experience in IaaS and networking, he is expanding his knowledge domain into the wonderful domain of Docker and Kubernetes. In his spare time, he enjoys the occasional beer; plays a lot a board games (never bored) and likes to run.

Public speaking

Nills is available as a public speaker for events.
Below you’ll find an overview of past events – with links to the slidedecks used.
October 2018: Bay Area Azure Meetup – Updates from Microsoft Ignite
June 2018: Azure user group Belgium – Making sense of containers, Docker and Kubernetes on Azure
April 2018: Global Azure Bootcamp – My most complex ARM template – story from the trenches
March 2018: Global Integration Bootcamp – The container ecosystem @ Microsoft A story of developer productivity